Terms of Use:
-All images are the sole property of the photographer, Future Photo Group.
-Eleasa Marks (Customer) is the only person authorized to download these images.
-Future Photo Group grants Customer permission to post photos on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn and others.
-Customer must include photo credit "Photos by Future Photo Group, RL Davis" wherever photos are posted or used.
-Customer must “Like” Future Photo Group’s Facebook page before posting images.
-Customer must tag Future Photo Group in all photos posted on Facebook.
-Customer may not print or reproduce these images in any way. Future Photo Group reserves all rights.
-Customer may not distribute these images to other parties by e-mail or other digital media outlets.
-Customer may not edit, alter, or crop these images in any way.
-Images may not be incorporated into any design for digital or print use.
-Images may be used for marketing or promoting in digital and online media only.
-Future Photo Group’s logo may not be removed from any images.
-To alter or print these images, customer may purchase high resolution copy rights for an additional fee.
-Copyright Infringement is a serious crime. Future Photo Group monitors the use of all copy written materials on the internet and printed mediums. Violation of these terms of use will result in prosecution and a fine of no less than $500.00 plus the cost of image copy rights.

For any questions about terms of use, please contact Future Photo Group at 480-269-4344