Thank you for choosing Future Photo Group!

These photos were taken on green screen and each family was able to choose their background. The families we served expressed extreme amounts of gratitude, some even to the point of tears, for the opportunity to have a family photo taken. Each of the families you see here received at least one 8x10 photo print. Many families received additional copies at no charge courtesy of CFSS and Future Photo Group.

Family photos are priceless. Kids and parents are constantly changing. Ten, Twenty or even Fifty years from now, they will look back on these beautiful photos and experience overwhelming joy and thankfulness that they had the opportunity and took time out to participate in this event with CFSS.

Future Photo Group considered this an amazing opportunity to love on these kids and parents, many of whom are living in very difficult or challenging circumstances. We were happy to see some families that we photographed during CFSS's 2013 Family Photo Event return for this year's event. Overall, the goal of this event was accomplished. CFSS and Future Photo Group collaborated to provide these special families with an opportunity that most of them would not have otherwise had- and provided them with precious memories that will last for many, many years.