Future Photo Group | Rebekah Simon-Peter

All images are subject to the following Standard License Terms of Use. By booking your session with Future Photo Group, you agree to abide by these terms.
-Images are licensed for use through July 16, 2019. At that time, images must be removed from all marketing or licensing must be renewed through Future Photo Group ($150/Year). We will notify you when your licensing is due for renewal.
-Images may not be sold or incorporated into any product for sale without the purchase of a Corporate Head Shot Full Release License (images are used for profit).
-Client must "Like" Future Photo Group's Facebook page prior to posting any images on Facebook and must continue to Like our company page throughout the duration of time these images appear on his or her profile or company pages.
-Future Photo Group must be given photo credit in the description (not the comments) of the image when posted on any social media site. Photo Credit should read, "Photo by Future Photo Group."
-Future Photo Group must be given photo credit anywhere these images are published-both printed or digital. Photo credit is not required on business cards, fliers, posters, bill boards or brochures.
-Photos may not be cropped, edited, or altered in any way. This includes applying filters, adding text or frames, or any other alteration to the images.
-Violation of terms of use may result in the market rate of the image release becoming due immediately and being charged to the card on file (Additional $1,035 per image) and may result in legal action to recover losses due to copyright infringement or royalties.