Future Photo Group | Olivia - 3 Months

We, Future Photo Group (“Photographer”), give permission to Barbara Turner (“Customer”) to print these 19 Images, according to the following terms of use:

Terms of Use:
-These images may not be cropped, altered, or manipulated in any way.
-Image may not be edited, retouched or altered by any third party.
-Customer may print image in any size, up to and including 16x20.
-Future Photo Group retains all copyrights and is the sole owner of permission to print in large format.
-Future Photo Group must be given photo credit anywhere these images is used, posted, or published, including Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.
-Customer must “Like” Future Photo Group’s facebook page before posting these image.
-Images posted on Social Media sites must display Future Photo Group’s logo at all times or photo credit in the description, stating, “Photo courtesy of Future Photo Group.”
-Images may not be used in electronic or printed publications, including posters, album artwork, or other promotional material without Future Photo Group's express written consent.
-Images may not be resold or incorporated into a product for resale without Future Photo Group’s express written consent.
-Customer may not, at any time, represent that these images was produced by any entity other than Future Photo Group.
-Permission and terms have no expiration.
-Violation of these terms will result in fines of $500 or more.

Photographer releases Customer from any copyright infringement, according to the above listed terms.
Thank you for choosing Future Photo Group!

How to Download Images:
-Click on any thumbnail to view the larger image
-When the larger image appears, above it click "Download>All Available Originals"
-Your photo download will begin automatically.

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