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Terms of Use:
-Images are licensed to the Tina Hinze only, and may not be downloaded, published, printed or copied by any other party.
-These 14 images may not be cropped, altered, or manipulated in any way.
-Future Photo Group's logo may not be removed from any images, printed or digital.
-Customer may print photos in any size, up to and including 12x18
-Future Photo Group retains all copyrights and is the sole owner of permission to print in large format.
-Before publishing these images on Facebook, customer must “Like” Future Photo Group’s Facebook page and post “Photos by Future Photo Group” in the description of each photo. Customer must continue to Like Future Photo Group’s Facebook page for the duration of time the photos are posted on his or her page.
-Future Photo Group must be given photo credit anywhere these images are used, posted, or published, including Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Future Photo Group's logo may not be cropped out of photos posted on any social media site.
-Photos may not be used in electronic or printed publications, including posters, album artwork, or promotional material, without Future Photo Group's expressed written consent.
-Permission and terms have no expiration.
-Customer may not distribute digital files to any other parties
-Photos may not be resold or incorporated into a product for resale without Future Photo Group’s express written consent.

How to Download Images:
-By downloading these images, you agree to the terms listed above.
-Click on any thumbnail to view the larger image
-When the larger image appears, above it click "Download>All Available Originals"
-Your photo download will begin automatically.

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Do not photograph digital images with cell phones or other digital cameras. They may not be posted on social media sites, distributed or duplicated in any way without Future Photo Group's consent.